Mimicry is the art of concealment through imitation, the ability to hide in plain sight by blending so perfectly into the surroundings that the mimic disappears.  ​

Mimicrist specializes in photographic patterns that look real because they are real. Using a patent-pending, photographic process, Mimicrist takes designs created by nature and applies those intricate patterns to apparel, gear and other products for the perfect concealment.  

Mimicrist patterns are ideal for hunting camouflage, interior décor that reflects exterior surroundings, and clothing and gear that celebrates the distinctive beauty found only in nature.  From woodlands to coral reefs, from florals in bloom to brilliant fall foliage, from desert sands to seascapes, Mimicrist creates patterns that complement any natural environment. Patterns developed by Mimicrist co-founder Stephen Kirkpatrick have been featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and CNN’s “OutFront with Erin Burnett;” Burnett referred to the photographic process developed by Kirkpatrick for use in hunting camouflage as “the million dollar idea.” 

The company’s fresh approach to pattern licensing is attracting as much attention as the patterns themselves. “We listened to customers who felt their hands were tied by usage restrictions that were too harsh or licensing fees that cut too much into their profits,” says Nick Tarlton, Mimicrist founding partner and director of sales. “We based our business model on flexible usage terms and an affordable pricing structure that lets our customers put the best patterns on their products and boost their bottom lines. With Mimicrist, the possibilities and the profits are unlimited.” 

Mimicrist patterns are available for licensing to select partners in search of patterns that stand out from the crowd, but don’t stand out from  nature. Mimicrist is also your solution for custom designs for your private property, your favorite sport, or your hunting or fishing club. 

When you want a pattern unique to you or your group, Mimicrist can create one. Whether you’re licensing an existing pattern or commissioning an exclusive custom pattern, Mimicrist is ready to show you how not seeing is believing.

*All Mimicrist patterns have repeats built in.

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