MMC - Cactus 1


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MMC - Sage 1

In Deep

​Mimicrist’s first pattern is camouflage designed to help you blend into the deep southern woods. If you want to get there unseen, you’d better go In Deep.


MMC - Leaves 1

MMC - Mesquite 2

Blind Spot

​One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to hide is to lean against a tree. Blind Spot will help you and your gear to blend in and get closer.

Forest Dreams

MMC - Mesquite 1

Karma was created specifically for waterfowlers. It features grass, cattails and the very important element of water. We've developed the finest waterfowl camo pattern ever designed and because getting close is important, you’ve got Karma that kills.

Wipe Out

​Going old school on the ducks.

Reaper Reed

​Reap the benefits of mimicking your surroundings this pattern of marshes and grass blades found in outdoor locations worldwide.

MMC - Oak 1

MMC - Oak 2