Open Ocean

​The textures and colors in this new pattern are perfect for any application where a cool, crisp image is needed. The openness and lightness give it a feeling of freedom. It is perfect for the background of logos and company titles. Have your company stand out in the Open Ocean.

​Bold Beauty
Nothing will catch the eye faster than the bold colors and shapes of this beauty of the coral reef. They are sometimes called flowers of the ocean, but don’t be fooled, the sea anemone is a carnivorous predator. Make a statement of confidence with this

Bold Beauty.

MMC - Eel 1

Schools Out
 An eye catching large school of mackerel scad, the favorite pursuit of grouper and other large game fish. A striking pattern for swimsuits, board shorts, fishing apparel, and marine gear. Head for the water and fun when Schools Out.

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Marine World

Whale Shark

This pattern is created from the wonderfully patterned skin of the largest fish on the planet. Perfect for the fashionable clothing and gear in marine environments.

Be the big fish, Whale Shark fears nothing.

MMC - Kelp 1